Dr. Carthy and
Welcomes You
Bahamas Vacation Rentals Cat Island Bennett's Harbor The houses are located on the leeward side of the island, in secluded coves with beautiful sugar sand beaches. Quiet, secluded and private with a beautiful view. We are located on the north end of the island in a settlement called Bennett's Harbor. The house is 15 minutes from Arthur's Town Airport with a 7500 foot paved runway. There is a $5.00 landing fee and refueling is not available. Clear customs at Nassau or Eleuthera and refuel. Customs is now available at New Bight, Cat Island, 30 miles south of Arthur's Town. Cat Island is located approximately 135 miles southeast of Nassau or 25 miles south of Eleuthera. Bahamas Air has flights to our island 4 times a week. There are several charter companies which can fly direct to Cat Island (see travel page).
  Arrange with our caretaker Trevor to pick you up from the airport. His number is
242-354-1102 (Home) or 242-464-6337 (Cell). Trevor will stop at the supermarket on the way from the airport to let you shop for your supplies and groceries. Prices on the Island are very competitive with Nassau . His rates vary, please pay him at the time of service.

Most Cat Island Restaurants will not disappoint with their Bahamian Soul Food. Sammy T's (1/2 mile North of Bennett's Harbor) has a four star restaurant with full course meals and Pinot Grigio on ice, if you crave stateside service.  Cat Islanders are open and friendly. They are totally unspoiled by tourism. Cat Island is for people who are looking for quiet, solitude, beautiful beaches, gin clear ocean, soft white sugar sand and more stars than you thought existed. Dress code for programs, dances and church is casual. No Jackets or ties. So bring your favorite books, magazines, video tapes, CD's or
cassette tapes to fill up the extra space in your
luggage. Don't forget snorkel gear!!
Local restaurants are plain fare. Order ahead in the afternoon and your dinner will be ready by sundown. Catch of the day, conch, chicken, souse and peas and rice will not disappoint. Bahamian soul food!